the home of Ballard's Fine Chocolates

the home of Ballard's Fine Chocolates

The Course

The Course

General introduction

Learn the art of chocolate making and produce luxury chocolates to share with friends, to create a perfect gift or to simply indulge on your own. This course will teach you all you need to know about creating professionally looking chocolates in your own kitchen, using easily sourced ingredients and equipment.

1) Different types of chocolate and where to source them

We will start with a quick guide through the process of Bean to Bar, where you will learn how a cocoa pod eventually ends up as the luxury chocolate that we all know and love. All raw ingredients will be available for you to handle, and if you wish, to taste.

2) The art and science of tempering chocolate

We will explore the different methods for tempering chocolate to produce a shiny crisp coating. Different types of chocolate will be available for you to taste and appreciate the variety in flavours and fluidity. You will also participate in a blind tasting, exposing your taste buds to exotic chocolate flavours from around the world.

3) Creating delicious ganaches and fillings

We will demonstrate how to make different chocolate fillings, including hazelnut praline, fudge and Turkish delight. You will then use these to dip and decorate to produce professional looking creations. You will also make your own Belgian truffles, using a variety of ingredients to generate delicious flavours.

4) Boxing your chocolates to take home

Finally, we will look at a variety of packaging options for chocolates, providing gift ideas for any occasion. You will package a selection of your own chocolates to take home (approximately 15 chocolates).

What you can expect on the day

Arrival at your class:

Karen’s Kitchen is easy to find and once you have registered, you will be sent directions for using different modes of transport. Free parking is available on site.

Tea and coffee is provided in the café area on arrival allowing you to relax whilst browsing through a range of recipe books and meeting your classmates.

We advise wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Sleeves should be short or easy to roll up so that they don’t get spoil by the chocolate.


During your class:

Classes run from 10.00 to 16.00

You will be given an apron and all the equipment and ingredients that you need for your class. You will also be provided with a box to take home a selection of your very own hand-made chocolates.

Each class has two staff members present

A light lunch will be provided


After your class:

You will be provided with copies of all the recipes used in class. You will also learn how to package the chocolates, providing you with perfect containers to take your creations home with you.

There will be an opportunity to buy boxes of chocolates made at Karen’s Kitchen.